Thinking about dropping by?
One of the most intimidating things in life can be walking into a room of people you don’t know. Not here!

Be assured that at Grace Community Church , we welcome everyone and believe that you will experience a warm welcome.

Our services are generally in the Fellowship Hall which is immediately adjacent to the parking lot. Dress in whatever style is comfortable for you, we range from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties.

The Sunday morning congregation may have about 50 people with a real cross-section of our community in terms of age and cultural background. We generally begin with some praise choruses, so feel free to sing and clap along – whatever you’re comfortable with. We also usually sing 2 or 3 of the “good old” hymns. We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is not confined to one style but that we should all appreciate that God works through many different forms.

Prayer and the Bible are essential in every worship service. Prayer is often us talking to God. The Bible is God talking to us. If you don’t have a Bible or didn’t bring one with you, help yourself to one on the table as you enter the worship area. If you don’t own a Bible, feel free to take it home with you!

Each Sunday there is teaching from the Bible. Often Pastor Wil will preach a series from a book of the Bible or a series based upon a theme. We strongly believe that the Bible is indeed God’s word for every person and that it contains all that is necessary for salvation and for principles for living life in the most successful way possible. The Bible not only gives us knowledge, but combined with God’s power working in our lives, that knowledge transforms us to live within the favor and blessing of God and with others. Every person needs truth to know how to live well in every area of life and God provides that truth through the Bible.

Grace Community Church ministries and staff is supported through the tithes and offerings of the congregation. As followers of Jesus Christ who seek to live an biblical and ethical life, we know that when we honor God from what He has blessed us with, He will honor us in our daily life and finances, so during each service we do have a time when we receive tithes and offering. Our guests and visitors are not expected to contribute.

Please feel free to wander around the ministry tables in the lobby and get to know more about our church. Once a month we have a church dinner following the Sunday Service and we’d love to have you stay for that so we could have a chance to meet and get to know you.

Our prayer and hope is that you may join with us in this journey of life to discover and learn the joy, peace and life that only Jesus Christ can give!

Finally, if you do visit, we’d love to hear your first impressions, suggestions and thoughts by contacting Pastor Wil here.

Welcome! We’d be honored to have you join with us some Sunday!